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Welcome to my website.  I've had one for around 4 years now, but I'm not too serious about this one anymore. I don't really have any information to post up on it right now so I just put some stuff about my Jeep.

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Yes, that's right, the Cherokee's are ending this summer. They are being replaced by the Jeep "Liberty." More info about it below......

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CB Channel 4- Off road channel

I have read on some websites that people are using channel 4 for offroading. They chose 4 because a lot of people still use 23 channel CB's, and the 4 is from 4X4. Please try to pass it on.

Some cool links:

www.linuxmandrake.com -a great "flavor" of Linux

www.jeepin.com - a site for Jeepers

www.carparts.com - a good place to get car parts

www.slashdot.com - a place for nerds

www.fbcpendleton.org  - my church's website that I made

www.jeepsunlimited.com - a great place to talk about Jeeps with Jeepers!


Put the mouse over the image to see what it might look like in the future.....

My 95 Jeep Cherokee 4X4

4.0L I6 190HP


I can dream can't I?


The 2002 Jeep Liberty

(kinda strange)

Some info about the 2002 Cherokee:

Engines:  2.4L 154HP         Four Cylinder

                                      2.5L 140HP         Direct-injection turbo diesel

                                 3.7L 210HP         Six Cylinder (V6 not I6)

The 2002 Cherokee features a new independent front suspension set-up to give improved on-road handling. To read some more on the 2002 Cherokee, go here: 


Interesting tidbit:

Did you know the word "Jeep" actually came from the phrase "GP" that meant "General Purpose" in the US military???

Cherokee History:

Starting production in 1984, the Jeep Cherokee was much different than the previous wagon, the Wagoneer. It was 21 inches shorter, 6 inches narrower, 4 inches lower, and weighed 1000lbs less. It also didn't carry the gas sucking V8, and was equipped with a 4.0L I6. Unlike most cars, the Cherokee's body style hasn't been changed since 1984, the first year of production. The engine did end up changing from a 177HP 4.0 I6 to a 190HP 4.0 I6 in 1991, and is still present in the new Cherokees. The Jeep Cherokee is also known for two other great advantages: visibility, and turning radius. Competing with the Ford Explorer, the Jeep is still not aerodynamic, giving the rugged "Jeep" feel as you cruise in it, though going down the road on a very windy day can be a fight for survival. While other SUV's are starting to get smoother on the road and more "car like", the Cherokee still holds it's name and is not afraid to go anywhere. I like the Jeep Cherokee and I hope they continue their superb performance on and off road.

Some things I've done to my Jeep:

Tinted Windows

Sony CDX-5000X CD Player

CB Radio -Cobra 21


Hella Fog 550's

Kenwood KAC-728S 600 Watt AMP

Cupholders - one of the best purchases for an XJ

Polk DX 6 1/2's. 

(adding two 12in. subs soon)

Some things I might do in the future:

Lift set (around 3 or 4 inches)

Trailer Hitch

BF Goodrich Mud/Terrain Tires 

(30's or 33's, depends on lifted or not)




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