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Visitors that have come to this web site and  never gotten off it since June 12, 1999

Welcome to Tanner's Homepage!!! In here I have some stuff that I just threw in here for fun….yes I was THIS bored from summer to create this page….. Oh yeh, hit CTRL+D on your keyboard now to bookmark my site so you can comeback without having to type it in and stuff… Well, I ran out of  words, so enjoy!

AOL Instant Messenger: ilo007, sabor2003, stotalaaik, and MANY more

ICQ: 3979008 (I never get on it)

(This is what you will look like if you go to my funny page. Our Kitten Roxy loved it)

(this web site was created by my computer)

I HAVE to write something about the Web Counter so I won't get kicked off it but I think it's great and prefer it for anyone who has a web site to use it…. Mine doesn't have to count that high though….. :)

I have NO idea why these images keep coming out poor quality with MS Publisher, so they aren't my digital camera or anything, just good old Microsoft….

Thanks for the frog Jesse!!