Keychron Q6

I’ve been eyeing the Keychron Q6 since the middle of 2023 and finally have one in my possession. Here’s why it’s a winner in my book:

  • Full size – you can’t beat the speed of a numpad!
  • Wired – one more unnecessary battery avoided.
  • QMK firmware – highly flexible and open source.
  • Hot swappable switches – in case I get bored with Gateron Browns.
  • Made out of aluminum – a sturdy 5 lbs!
  • Knobs are cool.
  • South-facing RGB LEDs.
  • Has a handy switch to toggle between Mac and PC modes.

After an hour or so of using it, so far so good! It’s exactly what I hoped it’d be, and a leap in modernization and build quality from the New Model M that I’ve been running. I’ll still use Buckling Springs on my retro machines, of course, but it’s so nice to have LEDs, a knob for volume, dedicated function keys for brightness and Spaces, and the flexibility to do whatever I want with custom firmware. 😎