Joining Automattic

I’m thrilled to be joining the fine folks at Automattic this month as a mobile software engineer. Though I’ll miss all of my wonderful Clemson coworkers immensely, I’m excited for the road ahead. 🚀

News Projects

Big news!

It was fun learning some ARKit, SceneKit, and SpriteKit the past few days… I used it to announce a thing!

GitHub Repo

Coding News

Herp Derp is open source!

finally got around to putting Herp Derp’s (tiny) source code out there. I also removed the jQuery dependency because that was overkill. Version 1.6 has been released for Chrome and Firefox.

Check it out on GitHub and roll your own!


Certbot makes SSL certs laughably easy

SSL is in the house! Certbot makes it trivial:


Herp Derp for Firefox is back!

Get it here!



Herp Derp’s at 20K+ Chrome users!


A #tbt of ancient sites I made

I came across some of these masterpieces while sorting through old files. I tried to sort them by awesomeness but they all tied.

Site 1
Site 2
Site 3
Site 4
Site 5
Site 6


Herp Derp is back for Chrome!

Herp Derp is back for Chrome! Check it out!

Herp Derp


Some derpy numbers

Now that this site has basically turned into ‘herp derp‘ central, I thought I’d post some numbers up regarding downloads. Running this command on my Apache access logs provided me with the download numbers for each browser version (in this case Firefox):

cat access.log | grep xpi | colrm 16 | sort | uniq | wc -l


Note: This method isn’t exactly super precise, it would only count once per IP, but it does the job. It also doesn’t account for other sites like

As of this post:

Chrome: 4722
Firefox: 2564
Safari: 531
Opera: 278

Update: 7-12-12

Shortly after creating this post I got picked up by Boing Boing, Gizmodo, and Reddit. New numbers:

Chrome: 8026
Firefox: 4025
Safari: 919
Opera: 415

Go Herp Derp! 


Herp Derp updated

I got around to fixing some annoying bugs in Herp Derp tonight:

  • When loaded via HTTP Secure (HTTPS) Herp Derp now works (thanks for reminding me @Funshine__Bear)
  • Firefox no longer freaks out when there is only one comment
  • YouTube Feather Mode is now supported (thanks @_sjs)

The latest version is available for all browsers and can be downloaded here.