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Happy New Year!


Watch your tabs!

Yay computers!

Because I missed a tab in a Python script, my home Docker box has been running with a higher-than-necessary CPU utilization and spiky temperatures for five months. 😬

Tab has now been tabbed. 🐍

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Snake Eyes + Servos


Carve Different

A pumpkin with the Apple logo carved in it.
Swift SwiftUI

Squishy buttons!

Swift SwiftUI

Faux Notch Fun

I’ve seen a lot of these little “fake notch” apps pop up since Apple’s new MacBooks were announced, but I didn’t see a lot of source code – so of course I was nerd sniped.

Here’s a basic example of making one using AppKit and SwiftUI!

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Wyze Cam in iOS


Joining Automattic

I’m thrilled to be joining the fine folks at Automattic this month as a mobile software engineer. Though I’ll miss all of my wonderful Clemson coworkers immensely, I’m excited for the road ahead. 🚀

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Flip Dots!

I saw flip dots (also called flip discs) last year for the first time and instantly knew I needed some in my life. If you’re not familiar with them, check out how they work!

The particular model I have is the ALFAZETA XY5, which may be the easiest way to get up and running, but certainly not the least expensive.

After getting the board, all you need is:

  1. 24V power supply
  2. Something that talks over RS485 (in my case I used an ESP8266 connected to a MAX3485 board)
  3. Their documentation that defines the controller data protocol

I plan to write in more detail how it all works, but for this demo the stack is:

  1. SwiftUI app that runs SwiftGFXWrapper (which is mainly Adafruit’s GFX Library under the hood)
  2. The app sends the entire pixel buffer over UDP to the ESP8266
  3. The ESP8266 sends data to the XY5 over RS485 using their controller’s protocol
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Playground support for SwiftGFXWrapper

For even easier prototyping, I’ve added Swift Playground support to my SwiftGFXWrapper project!